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Collecting additional information from Attendees

Please note: Product Documentation has been added to Intellibook more flexible way to collect additional information/forms as well as uploads of scanned documents from customers. For more information click here.

The customer portal can be used to gather additional information from Attendees who have a booking in Intellibook.
This is a great way to collect additional information (for example dietary requirements, emergency contact details etc) closer to trip/event, whilst keeping the initial registration form simple. 

  1. Ensure the "Attendee Status" feature is enabled in the "Attendees" section under "Settings > Organisation > Bookings (tab)".

  2. Define one more attendee-level custom fields in the relevant Intellibook Product. 
    Ensure you mark any fields which you want to be left off the initial registration form as "Extended":

  3. Now, within their Customer Portal, any attendees who are booked for this Product will have a "Confirm Now" button next to their name under "Attendees":

  4. Clicking this button will take open up the form to confirm their details:

  5. Within their Booking, Attendees who have completed this process will be marked as "Confirmed" and Intellibook reporting will also reflect.

Please note: The "confirm now" workflow in Intellibook is designed to be a one-time process and once an attendee has completed the workflow, they cannot usually amend the details entered. However, agents can manually reset an attendee's status to "Unconfirmed" within the back end by clicking "Edit" next to that attendee.

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