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Sales Agent Registration


For Intellibook users with the "Sales Agents" feature enabled, new agents (who are commissioned to sell your products) can register online at http://[yourcompany] 

Template Fields

The following field placeholders (similar to merge fields in a word document) can be used to personalise the Sales Agent Registration email.

  • {{agent_portal_url}} - The URL for Intellibook access (Agent Portal)
  • {{agent_portal_username}} - The username for Intellibook access (Agent Portal)
  • {{code}} - aka Agent ID
  • {{name}} - The name (usually full trading name) of the Sales Agent
  • {{contact_firstname}} - The first name(s) of the primary contact 
  • {{contact_lastname}} - The surname of the primary contact 
  • {{email}} - The email of the primary contact 

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