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Paypal integration

Integrating Paypal with Intellibook is an easy way to start taking credit card payments from your customers.

With Paypal, you do not need to create a credit card merchant account with your bank. Paypal charges a fee per transaction (see the Paypal Website for current rates) which includes the credit card processing fee

To set the integration up, please follow these steps: 

1.       Log into Paypal with your company account (or sign up for a new one)
2.       Open the last menu option – “Products & Services”
3.       Click “Integration Center” at the bottom. This should take you to the “Paypal Developer” site.
4.       Under “My REST apps’, click ‘create app” – give it a name like “Intellibook Bookings”
5.       Grab the Client ID and Secret under “Test credentials” enter these in Intellibook under “Settings > Integrations > Paypal”
6.       Click 'Save'

If you have any trouble getting this working be sure to let us know via

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