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Adding images for use on an event information page


Images can be uploaded and hosted on Intellibook for use on the event information page.

Retrieving URL for uploaded image

Once you've uploaded an image to your event (see instructions here), try hovering over the image with your mouse and clicking the link icon as shown below:

This will show a dialog box with the URL for this image - copy this somewhere (depending on your web browser, you should be able to right-click and copy the URL to your clipboard):

Then, when you're setting up the information page for your event, put your cursor in the position you want to insert the image (#1 below) and then clicking on the "insert image" icon (#2 below):

This will show you the following dialog which lets you specify various properties for the image, and allows it to be resized etc.

Paste the URL copied earlier into the dialog as follows:

After clicking 'OK' on this dialog, your image should be inserted in the event information field as shown below:

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