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HubSpot Integration

Setting up the HubSpot Integration

  1. Sign up for a HubSpot account at

  2. In Intellibook, open the "Settings > Integrations > CRM" tab.  

  3. Under "HubSpot", click "Connect" to log in and authorise the Intellibook -> HubSpot integration.

Setting up the Chat Widget (optional)

  1. In HubSpot, open "Conversations > Chatflows":

  2. Creating a "Website"-type chatflow. You can customise as required for branding purposes:

  3. On the final step, take note of the unique identifier within the JavaScript snippet (in the below example. the ID is 20713533. Stay on this step until you have completed the following steps in Intellibook.

  4. In Intellibook, open the "Settings > Integrations > CRM" tab.

  5. Under "HubSpot", click the "Edit" button and paste in the ID from your HubSpot JavaScript snippet as well as ticking which pages you want Intercom to load on:

  6. Click "Save" to persist these settings in Intellibook.

  7. Open a customer portal or payment page (depending on which you have enabled in the previous step) so that the HubSpot code is triggered. At this point, you may yet not see a HubSpot chat icon (as it is not fully activated).

  8. Back in HubSpot, complete the setup process. This will verify that the code is loaded in the customer portal or payment page and activate the chat widget.

  9. After successfully completing the verification process, you should now be able to see the HubSpot chat icon show in the bottom-right corner of any customer portal or payment page.

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