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Customer referral

Intellibook's customer referral  feature makes it easy for customers to refer their friends to book and means you can keep track of referrals to offer incentives.

How to configure

To set up customer referral, follow these steps:

1. Enable Customer Referral feature

As an admin user, open "Settings > Organisation > Products"

2. Configure referral-related content

Customer referral content is set at Product level to allow different incentives/promotions to be set for a given tour or event.

Open the "Content" tab on a Product and use the Customer Referral tabs to set relevant content:

  • "Customer Referral - Portal Content" (shown above) provides content to be displayed in the customer portal encouraging your customers to generate and share a code with friends.

  • "Customer Referral - Generate Code Email" Allows for the configuration of an email template to be used when a customer generates and emails themselves a copy of their referral code. This email provides the customer referral code and is also intended to be suitable for customers to forward directly to their friends, so you may consider including a website or registration link so those who the email is shared with may book easily.

    Template fields for personalisation:
    {{code}} - The generated referral code itself.
    {{firstname}} - The first name(s) of the customer
    {{lastname}} - The last name of the customer

  • "Customer Referral - Sign-up Email" if provided, this email template will be used to notify the referring customer when their referral code has been used by a friend to make a booking. This can be used to thank them for sharing and encourage them to keep spreading the word.

    Template fields for personalisation:
    {{code}} - The referral code used
    {{firstname}} - The first name(s) of the customer
    {{lastname}} - The last name of the customer  
    {{friend_firstname}} - The first name(s) of the friend who has booked
    {{friend_lastname}} - The last name of the friend who has booked  

How to report on referrals

The "Attendee Referral CSV" export which can be found under "Reports > Bookings" can be used to report on referrals, enabling you to reward customers who refer their friends to book.

See it in action 👀

Once configured, the relevant Product will show a new panel to customers in their customer portal sidebar:

Clicking "Generate a code" will issue a personal referral code which they can copy to their clipboard or ask to have a copy sent via email:

Note: For multiple-attendee bookings, the customer will first need to identify themselves before being sent a copy of their referral code via email.

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