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Bookings Tags


Booking tags allows you to supplement the "Status" of a booking with other attributes or categories for operational purposes.

As shown in the example below, each booking can optionally be assigned one or more tags by internal staff:

Configuring available tags

A user with admin privileges can open "Settings > Booking Tags" to configure the available list of tags for your organisation:

Adding tags to a booking

To add one or more tags to a booking, open the Booking in Edit mode and use the "Tags:" control as shown below:

Searching for bookings by tag

You can filter the "Bookings" list by opening the advanced filters and using the "Tags" filter:


Booking tags are included in the Booking CSV Export and Attendee CSV Export within "Reports > Bookings",

They are also available for inclusion in custom reports created for your organisation.


For integration purposes, there are webhooks available when booking tags are added to / removed from a booking. This allows for custom integration workflows in response to these events.

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