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Stripe Integration - Payment Plan Created email template


This template can be set up under "Settings > Email Templates" in Intellibook. Look for the template named "Stripe - Payment Plan Created".

Below are the fields you can use to customise this template.

Standard Fields

The following field placeholders (similar to merge fields in a word document) can be used in a content template to insert information relevant to the booking, event or your organisation:


{{booking_id}} - The booking ID
{{customer_portal_url}} - The URL of the customer portal for the relevant booking.
{{access_token}} - The booking's unique code that can be used to build URLs for customer portal, payment page and other booking-specific resources


The following fields are specific to the Attendee that the failed payment relates to.


Payment Plan Specifics

{{instalment_amount}} - The amount of each instalment
{{instalment_count}} -  The number of instalments

{{frequency}} - The instalment frequency, e.g. weekly
{{frequency_short}} - The instalment frequency (abbreviated), e.g. week

{{first_instalment_date}} - The date of the first instalment
{{last_instalment_date}} -  The date of the last instalment (excluding final payment)

{{final_payment_amount}} - The amount of the final payment
{{final_payment_date}} - The date of the final payment

{{principal_amount}} - The total value being covered by the payment plan (including final payment).

Sample Template

Below is an example of a template utilising most of the fields above:

Here is how an email based on this template might render:

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