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How Agency Commission is Applied

For Intellibook subscribers who wish to sell their products through agencies using our "Sales Agent" (wholesale) feature, this article describes how commission can be automatically calculated based on the settings available.

Commission is deducted at the time a booking's charge (invoice) transactions are generated or re-generated. Transactions are first generated when the booking is made and can be manually re-generated using the "Advanced > Regenerate Charges" menu item under a booking's "Transactions" tab.

Per-Agency Commission Percentage
The first place Intellibook willl look to determine the appropriate comission amount is the "Commission" percentage set against a Contact (applies to "Agency"-type Contact records only).

Product-level Override
If you have a specific Product (event) which needs to have a specific commission percentage or amount, you can set these as an override within the Product's "Pricing" tab. 

If a Product-level commission override is in place, the commission percentage set at Contact (agency) level will be ignored.

Booking-level Override
An individual booking can have a specific commission percentage or amount set. You can do this under the booking's "Transactions" tab using the "Advanced > Set Commission Override" menu item.

If a Booking-level commission override is in place, the commission percentage set at Contact (agency) level AND Product level overrides will be ignored.  

Commisison is treated as a special discount to the final invoice, meaning that you will invoice the retail agency at a discounted rate. The retail agency is then expected to on-charge the customer at the gross, retail amount. The difference is the commission they keep.

Only bookings which have an Agency (contact) associated will have commission deducted from the final invoice. Other bookings are treated as "direct" bookings.

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