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Custom Instalments


If you want to charge any arbitrary instalments between deposit and final payment, you can use Intellibook's "Custom Instalments" feature to facilitate this.

For example, if your package price is $1,299 and you want to charge a deposit of $200, then you can split the remaining amount over two payment dates - for example:

Steps to Set Up

  1. Ensure you have the "Instalment Payments" feature turned on at Organisation level. 
    This can be done under "Settings > Organisation > Financial" 
  2. Within the Product's "Pricing" tab, go into "Edit" mode and set the "Instalments" drop-down to "Custom".

  3. Enter the instalments you require. You can specify the individual Product Option (package) that the instalment relates to, or leave the dropdown as "- All -" if you want to the instalment to apply to all packages:

  4. If you have existing bookings, you can recalculate the charges on these for the new Custom Instalment dates/amounts to take effect.  This can be done within the Booking's "Transactions" tab under "Advanced > Regenerate Charges".

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