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Booking Financial Figures

At the top of a Booking's "Transactions" tab, you'll see a summary section showing different financial figures for the booking.

If you have the "Sales Agents" (wholesale) feature enabled, included in these figures will be "Comission" and "Gross".

Below is a summary of what these figures represent:

The total value ( invoiced charges) of the booking, including any commission.

The total commission component of all charges on the booking.

The total value (invoiced charges) of the booking.

Future Charges
The value (invoiced charges) of the booking which is post-dated, and therefore isn't currently due.
Payments & Credits
The total of all payment and credit-type transactions on the booking.

Current Balance
The amount currently owing on the booking. Looking at the example above, a deposit of $200 was due on 1 October. The next day, the deposit was paid, leaving a Current Balance of $0, despite the overall balance for the booking being $1,500

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