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ActiveCampaign Integration

Configuring the ActiveCampaign Integration

The ActiveCampaign API URL and Key give Intellibook permission to interact with your ActiveCampaign account, creating and updating Contacts, Lists and Tags representing attendees who have registered for an upcoming event.
  1. Retrieve your ActiveCampaign API URL and Key using the instructions below.

  2. In Intellibook, go to 'Settings > Integrations > CRM' and click "Edit" within the ActiveCampaign section.

  3. Paste in the API URL and Key into the 'API Token' and enter the Sender name and address details**  before clicking Save to connect.

  4. You should now see a status of "Connected" within the ActiveCampaign section. This means the connection is live and attendees registered or updated from now on will be sent to ActiveCampaign as Contacts.
** Sender Name and Address are supplied to ActiveCampaign and saved against the Lists created by Intellibook for authorisation purposes.

Locating the ActiveCampaign API URL and Key

In ActiveCampaign, the API URL and API Key can be found in the "Developer" tab within the "My Settings" area:

Attendee Sync

Every time someone registers for a Product using Intellibook, their details are updated or payments made etc, or someone new is added to an existing booking, their details will be added or updated as a Contact in ActiveCampaign.

The following fields are included in the sync:

- Attendee name (first and last)
- Attendee Email
- Attendee Phone
- Attendee Status
- Attendee Charges ($)
- Attendee Payments ($)  
- Attendee Balance ($)    
- Booking Status  
- Product Name & Code
- Product Option Name & Code  

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