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eWAY Integration

Getting Started

To integrate Intellibook with eWAY, you'll need to configure a couple of settings in Intellibook under "Settings > Integrations > Payment Providers".

Obtaining your eWAY API Key

You can obtain your eWAY API key using the instructions on this page:

Sandbox mode

eWay's sandbox mode, which is enabled in settings, is for testing only. Live transactions will not take place.

The success of card transactions in Sandbox mode is determined by the order total. For example, transactions ending with .00 e.g., $12.00 is correct. Please refer to the eWay documentation for more information.

Note: Sandbox mode requires a separate Sandbox account and a separate Sandbox API in your settings. Live credentials do not work with Sandbox, and Sandbox credentials do not work in live mode.

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