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Integrating with WooCommerce


For those running a Wordpress-powered website, WooCommerce offers a great way to catalogue your products, allowing users to browse and search before clicking "Book Now".

Intellibook can be integrated with WooCommerce using the following steps.

Including the Intellibook pop-up registration script on every page.

First, install and activate a plugin such as the popular "Headers and Footers" plugin to allow you to include a custom javascript in the footer of every page.
Here's the snippet you'll need to include:
<script src=""></script>
Here's how to add it using the "Headers and Footers" Wordpress plugin:

Setting up a WooCommerce Product

First, set up a WooCommerce Product to represent the event/tour you're wanting to sell.

Under the "Product Data" section, choose the option "External/Affiliate product" then enter the registration site URL for from the corresponding Intellibook Product:

Here's where to get the registration URL from in Intellibook:

All Done

That's it! Once you publish your WooCommerce product, you should be able to open it in your public website, click "Book Now" and have a pop-up Intellibook registration form show up like this:

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