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Stripe integration - Failed Instalment email template


If you have set up a webhook in Stripe to notify Intellibook each time a customer's subscription payment fails, you can set up a template if you want Intellibook to email the customer each time this occurs.

The template can be set up under "Settings > Email Templates" in Intellibook. Look for the template named "Stripe - 
Failed Instalment".

Important: If you haven't already, you must set up a "webhook" in Stripe.  See the "Creating a webhook in Stripe" section below.

Below are the fields you can use to customise this template.

Standard Fields

The following field placeholders (similar to merge fields in a word document) can be used in a content template to insert information relevant to the booking, event or your organisation:


{{booking_id}} - The booking ID
{{customer_portal_url}} - The URL of the customer portal for the relevant booking.
{{access_token}} - The booking's unique code that can be used to build URLs for customer portal, payment page and other booking-specific resources


The following fields are specific to the Attendee that the failed payment relates to.


Failed Instalment

{{instalment_amount}} - The amount which failed to deduct from the attendee's credit card
{{next_payment_attempt_date}} - The date that Stripe will attempt again (if there are more attempts remaining)  - e.g. 11 January 2017
{{next_payment_attempt_time}} - The time of day that Stripe will attempt again (if there are more attempts remaining)  - e.g. 11:34 am
{{attempt_count}} - The number of times Stripe has attempted to take payment for this instalment and failed

Creating a webhook in Stripe

So that Intellibook knows when a subscription payment has failed to deduct in Stripe, you'll need to set up a Stripe "webhook".

1. Once logged into Stripe, open the "Webhooks" menu.
2. Click the "Settings" link at the top of the Webhooks page.
3. Click "add endpoint..."
4. For URL, enter - where abctravel is your company's own prefix.
5. Choose "Live" mode
6. Choose 'select events' and just tick the "invoice.payment_failed" checkbox.
7. Save by clicking "create endpoint".

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